There are many variations of RFP Templates available in the on-line marketplace, in fact there are about as many sample RFP Templates as there are subjects. For every type of material or service which is offered, or which you can imagine, someone has likely issued or created a request for proposal for it. RFP has developed many templates from years of actual working experience in the materials management field and we understand how much fun it is to generate a RFP from scratch.

RFP45 is a version or a sample template used for the procurement of custom software.

Section 1 – Instructions to Vendors on how and when to respond to your proposal. A must in any request for proposal document.

Project timetable which identifies the key dates or schedule of events as to how you the Buyer anticipate they will take unfold.. Issue date, RFP required by date, vendor meeting dates, award, delivery of software, testing period and implementation. A timeline is important for both parties as it will help ensure it does not come off the rails.

Section 2 – Firm Overview – will allow bidders to understand more about the Buyers background, key business drivers and how the software will function in the company environment.

Section 3 – Overview of Business Operations – can provide details as to present client services, new services you wish to add and can touch on the current system.

Section 4 – is for a summary of key requirements.

Section 5 -Functional requirements which includes a matrix suppliers will need to complete for both essential and desirable options.

Section 6 – Technical requirements for hardware and other functionality.

Section 7 – Software characteristics – specific questions about the software.

Section 8 – Costs or quotation instructions.

Section 9 – Contractual information – asks vendors to provide their standard terms and conditions of business and non-negotiable clauses.

This RFP template sample for software is available in our Purchasing Manager and Mega Bundles. Let us help you get a head start.

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