Request for Quote Cover Letter

Sample Request for Quote Cover Letter

When you decide to issue a request for quote (RFQ) it is customary to include a cover letter. RFQ is the short form terminology used by purchasing people for a request for quote and if you are interested in portraying a professional image you should expect to spend some time and effort on your cover letter. In many cases it is the first impression you will make with your vendors so make sure it is formatted correctly and in business like manner with all the appropriate blocks (address, signature). Make sure it calls attention to the subject at hand and including all your contact coordinates is mandatory.

It is usually delivered on corporate letterhead, with a date, vendor address, contact person, title and reference (subject or tender #). You can request an acknowledgment so you can confirm all bidders are in receipt of your documentation and your cover letter will then typically end with your name and title.   Here is a sample set of text you can use for a cover letter or invitation to quote letter. This request for quote cover letter template, as well as several other very beneficial procurement related forms are included in our free welcome pack…subscribe and it will be delivered directly to your email inbox digitally in Microsoft Word format. (more…)

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