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Supplier Performance Reviews

You want me to do what? You are a Buyer and just received a call or a reminder that an annual review for one of your companies key vendors is due. In your already busy 9-5 schedule you now have to find time to crush off an annual vendor performance review, supplier evaluation or supplier scorecard!  Whatever your company calls it does not matter, finding the time to establish a vendor rating system and properly evaluate a supplier is an onerous challenge.

In today’s purchasing, the Buyer is responsible for motivating the supplier to improve higher performance levels at a lower cost. To do this, more emphasis is being placed on the relationship, closer cooperation and collaboration or what is coined Supply Chain Management. Regardless of the industry you presently represent, completing annual vendor evaluations is a vital part of the supply chain function and having a proven Vendor Rating System will make your life a whole lot easier.

Your rating system will improve each time you complete or apply it so take the time to tweak the template after each review. The key is to establish a system, ask the right questions, involve the right user groups and simply start the process. The benefits of improving dialogue, measuring performance will help motivate your suppliers to improve service levels and lower cost. A good vendor scorecard will show the Suppliers how their improvements are being effective and will provide an opportunity for the Buyer to compliment the Supplier on achievement as well as highlight any downturns on performance.

What do you review and what types of questions you will need to ask are all included in our Supplier Evaluation Form so take a minute and check out this preview of our sample supplier scorecard.


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